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The Los Carnales MC welcomes all serious inquiries into forming a new Los Carnales chapter. We are not concerned with being a large club. Los Carnales MC believes in Quality not Quantity. If you feel we may be what you are looking for contact us via the contact button above. Request information on starting a new chapter and leave your name and phone number along with your police agency information, we will get back with you soon. Only the National Board can sanction a new Los Carnales chapter. Below is the criteria to be considered if interested in forming a new chapter or joining Los Carnales MC or La Familia MC. The information is directly from the Los Carnales MC La Familia MC By-Laws.:


Individuals looking for a Chapter:


a) An Applicant must own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with V-twin engine, or a 45-degree V-twin engine motorcycle of American origin (i.e. Titan, Indian, etc.) that is in running condition at the time of membership application. Members must maintain this qualification. Should a member fail to meet this qualification for 1 year they must leave the club.

b) No applicant or member may have a felony conviction, or any conviction of Family/Domestic Violence Offense. Any questions regarding eligibility should be directed to the National President. Los Carnales – An Applicant must be a full time peace officer. Jurisdiction does not apply. Local, state, and federal officers may be considered as possible members. Further, your position with your department must be a weapon carrying position and you must be able to submit proof of a full time commission (i.e. pay stub, or ID) (No photocopies will be accepted). An applicant may also be a retired peace officer, including medically retired, from a Law Enforcement Agency. Retired is defined as an individual who has spent at least (15) fifteen years (excluding medical) of combined service with a law enforcement agency and may receive a pension from that agency. Medically retired may apply to individuals who can proved that are medically retired and are receiving a full medical pension from a law enforcement pension authority. Should a member fail to meet one of these qualifications for 1 year they must transfer to La Familia or leave the club.


La Familia – An applicant must be 21 years of age or older. An Applicant must be a friend or family of a member and have a Los Carnales Sponsor.


Inquiring about a New Chapter:


a) Any group of five (5) but no more than seven (7) non-member police officers may request permission to form a new Chapter in a new geographic area.

b) Any person of interest beyond the maximum number of seven (7) must probate.

c) This chapter must be located at least 100 miles from any current chapter.

d) The applicants must all meet the requirements for membership at the time of application. The request may be made in person at a National Board meeting, through a sponsoring Chapter or through an existing Los Carnales member.

e) The Elected National Board will review the request, and assign a committee of at least two National Board members, to include Non-Elected National Board members, to visit and observe the new group, and report back to the Elected National Board.

f) The National Board may then vote on the request and approval must be by two-thirds of the National Board.

g) If a charter is granted, the new Chapter, composed entirely of new members will wait one (1) year before voting in the National elections.

h) The entire group of five (5) but no more than seven (7) non-member police officers must attend four (4) of the six (6) listed events;

(1) LC/LF National Birthday

(2) LC/LF National Christmas Party

(3) Day of the Dead

(4) Club Member Funeral

(5) Monthly National Meeting

(6) Sturgis Ride with the Club


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Los Carnales & La Familia Motorcycle Club National Website
Los Carnales & La Familia Motorcycle Club National Website
Los Carnales & La Familia Motorcycle Club National Website
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