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In May of 1994 Mad Dog Martin and a few other brothers rode to the Memorial Day Blowout in Gulfport, Mississippi.  While there they discussed forming a club for cops so they could hang out, get to know brother cops from other agencies, and try to form a close knit brotherhood.  When they got back to Houston they spent the next year almost talking about a name, designing the colors, and basically trying to get everything together.


In April of 1995, they announced the club and showed the colors at the Parents of Murdered Children Ride. They got a lot of stares, rumors and suspicions about what we were all about, but we survived and continued to grow and grow.


With the arrival of the birthday party in Somerville 1998, we had six chapters, one sister club, 79 total patch holders, new prospects coming in every day, and a lot of good times behind and ahead of us.   At this time we were the fastest growing club in the Houston area and possibly Texas, and usually the biggest club in colors at any event we attended. We have made a place for ourselves....



In 1995 a group of civilian Harley riders met and became friends with some of the Los Carnales MC members.  These civilians were invited to attend the First Annual Los Carnales MC Birthday Party held in Somerville, TX. During this party it was mentioned, while sitting around the campfire, that the club should come up with a way so that the family and civilian friends of The Brothers could wear colors that showed their support of the Los Carnales MC. Not all Carnal agreed with this idea, so it was discussed frequently over the next couple of years, especially among Mad Dog, Pescado, and Old Man Charlie.  Eventually the details were worked out, colors were designed, doubters were convinced, and the La Familia MC was born.  In August of 1997 the La Familia MC colors were flown in Sturgis, SD for the first time anywhere.  Old Man Charlie became the first La Familia MC President and "Father of La Familia."

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Los Carnales & La Familia Motorcycle Club National Website
Los Carnales & La Familia Motorcycle Club National Website
Los Carnales & La Familia Motorcycle Club National Website
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